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D. Troy Knauss

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Michael G. Cain

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Be prepared and understand how to mitigate risk exposure in start-up deals.

As Board of Trustee members of the Angel Resource Institute, a spinout of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, we spend much of our time traveling the United States and the globe educating entrepreneurs and investors about early-stage deals. We take great pride in helping investors and entrepreneurs build stronger and more competitive companies while limiting risk exposure. You can buy a copy of our book about making money and building wealth in startup deals. The book is available on Amazon.com.

Board Risk

Do you understand the risks involved with being on the Board of Directors of an startup company? How about a growth business? Most angels who serve on boards require D&O insurance... should you? Contact Guardant Partners to learn more about the serving on a board and insurance options. We are available on a consulting-basis if you want to get further explore growing your company.

Entrepreneur and Investor Workshops

The Angel Resource Institute has a series of workshops designed to educate all stakeholders (founders, employees, investors, community leaders, economic developers and more) on what it takes to start, build, grow, and eventually sell a business. Everyone has different interests; it's important to understand how to make sure everyone is on the same page. Contact the Angel Resource Institute for more information or visit Halo Workshops and sign-up for a future event.


We invest in funds and individual companies through a syndication of groups where we are members. If you would like to submit a plan, please email to Wilmington Investor Network.

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